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PureWholness Virtual Medicine is the Perfect Blend of Advanced Science and Natural Health Solutions. Dr. Kennisha Reynolds leverages molecular biology and her unique CSI method to identify the systems causing your mysterious symptoms, address chronic conditions, and enhance your health. Schedule today.

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93% of PureWholeness patients reduce symptoms within 12 weeks.

How to Get Started

Identifying the systems causing your symptoms enables precise interventions, transforming optimal wellness from wishful thinking into your new norm.

Explore your wellness options with a zero-charge discovery call. It’s your moment to hash out your health dreams and hurdles with Dr. Kennisha Reynolds. The discovery call is designed to assess your suitability for our unique naturopathic and functional medicine approach, ensuring a mutual fit before embarking on a comprehensive health journey together.

This step involves gathering your medical labs, current medications, and diagnosis. Through an intake process, you’ll provide detailed health information and outline your wellness goals.

An initial consultation includes an in-depth evaluation of your health history, lifestyle, and current concerns. This deep work paves the way for a health plan that’s as unique as you.

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“I no longer live with the constant discomfort of migraines, anxiety, and insomnia. Who knew my lifestyle and environmental interactions were causing these mysterious conditions. I’m so thankful to Dr. Kennisha Reynolds for her insightful guidance and solutions that work.”

- Maria Tolbert

Conditions We Address

Identifying the Causes of these Modern Health Conditions

Autoimmune Disorders & Inflammatory Conditions

At PureWholness Virtual Medicine, Dr. Kennisha Reynolds specializes in identifying and managing the triggers of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, empowering patients to achieve relief with minimal reliance on medication.

Gut Problems

At PureWholness Virtual Medicine, we focus on comprehensive solutions for digestive issues, with 93% of our patients experiencing symptom relief within the first 12 weeks under Dr. Kennisha Reynolds' care.

Mysterious & Undiagnosed Conditions

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds excels in uncovering the systems causing undiagnosed symptoms, significantly reducing the need for unnecessary specialist consultations.

Cardiometabolic Conditions

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds assists patients in managing current symptoms and proactively preventing future conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Hormonal Balance Concerns

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance often go unexplored. Dr. Kennisha Reynolds focuses on restoring balance and providing long-term relief from hormonal health issues.


Dr. Kennisha Reynolds uses modern natural therapies, like high-dose oxygen treatments and medical-grade supplementation, to mitigate conventional therapy side effects, boost bodily resilience, and enhance conventional treatment efficacy.

How We Facilitate Healing


We delve into your entire, complex health picture.

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds works closely with you to thoroughly understand your health picture, improving the systems causing your symptoms.


Advanced testing for precision care.

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds uses functional labs alongside a thorough patient history, and evaluate system imbalances. The labs are a vital piece to a thorough health assessment, providing a comprehensive insight into your health status.


Guided support for essential transformations.

You are well supported while learning, implementing, and executing Dr. Reynolds’ recommendations, to facilitate necessary lifestyle adjustments. This includes dietary modifications to pinpoint food sensitivities and deficiencies, alongside stress management strategies to mitigate flare-ups and maintain balance.

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds creates bespoke plans for her patients that include personalized meal plans, lifestyle medicine, medical-grade nutritional supplementation, and advanced functional medicine labs.

Mini Bio

Today I’m Dr. Kennisha Reynolds but before I became a Naturopathic Functional Medicine Physician, I spent a decade as a CSI forensic scientist. 

During that time, I delved deep into field investigations, human identification, and even developed forensic technologies for government entities.

More about Dr. Kennisha Reynolds

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds is a licensed naturopathic and functional medicine physician specializing in gut health and chronic disease management. With a profound expertise in disease prevention and clinical nutrition, she offers a unique, patient-first approach, combining the rigor of her forensic science background with the compassion of true health care. Her journey in medicine is fueled by a simple yet powerful vision: to make good gut health accessible to all, transforming the way we prevent and reverse chronic conditions.

After graduating with a BS in Biological Forensic Science and a Minor in Chemistry, followed by an MS in Molecular Genetics from the University of California Davis, Dr. Reynolds’ academic path laid the foundation for her innovative medical approach. Her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University further solidified her commitment to whole-person care. This meticulous approach has become the bedrock of her medical practice, enabling her to adeptly unravel the intricate causes of complex gut-related and metabolic disorders. Furthermore, Dr. Reynolds skillfully applies this technique in the realm of integrative oncology, complementing her forensic precision with comprehensive and insightful cancer care.

Dr. Reynolds is also proficient in molecular biology, where her expertise in multiplex assay development and next-generation sequencing technology plays a critical role. This expertise allows her to offer precision-based approaches to her patients, capturing detailed insights into human health and disease at a molecular level. Her approach is about providing a personalized pathway to long-term health and vitality, informed by cutting-edge scientific evidence.

Dr. Reynolds’ impact on patient health is tangible and transformative. She has successfully guided dozens of individuals suffering from conditions like IBS, Crohn’s, IBD, SIBO, heart disease, and cancer towards a life free from discomfort, embodying confidence and peace. Her approach is about alleviating symptoms and nurturing a full, vibrant life. Her treatments are rooted in lifestyle medicine, backed by scientific evidence, and personalized to each patient’s unique genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

Dr. Reynolds is an exemplary choice for those seeking a physician who blends scientific precision with compassionate care. Her commitment to demystifying chronic illnesses through naturopathic and functional medicine is a beacon of hope for many.

“I no longer live with the constant discomfort of migraines, anxiety, and insomnia. Who knew my lifestyle and environmental interactions were causing these mysterious conditions. I’m so thankful to Dr. Kennisha Reynolds for her insightful guidance and solutions that work.”

- Maria T.

"No insulin for months! My FIRST TIME EVER IN RANGE 99% with ZERO out of range! Endocrinologist took me off insulin."

- Margo H.

"No bloating, Yay! I am so excited and motivated for the end results! My bloating went from a 8-9 out of 10 to 1.5."

- Ruth M.

“The rashes are so much better. I use the suggested products every day. The patch on my right inner ankle is the one taking the longest to fade but I see it slowly getting better daily.”

- Lauren

“I am feeling amazing. My fasts have gotten easier and I’ve been including a 3rd day every now and then. I’ve been able to do some exercises I have always hated (burpees and mountain climbers) and that makes me feel good. I’m in love with my body and thankful to God for reviving it ♥️ I’m thankful to Dr. Reynolds as well for helping me find hope at this age that I could get better again. I now find myself looking forward to turning 40 and not dreading it as the ultimate body slowdown I’ve heard it to be.”

- Ngina

“A few months ago I was on the list for a heart transplant. I chose to work with Dr. Kennisha as I'd heard good things about her. Three months later, my cardiologist removed me from the list!!!”

- Sammie

"Before working with Dr. Reynolds' I wasn't able to get relief even when working with other doctors and herbalists. Her detailed program finally SOLVED my COVID symptoms for good! "

- Joseph C.

"Dr. Kennisha, since I have been following your recommendations for my stomach, the most I have had to use omeprazole is once or twice a week. This is BIG for me. A year ago, my stomach acid was so bad that I was on 4 per day. That was way too much."

- Deborah E.

"I had been feeling very tired. I visited my regular physician and she told me I was pre-diabetic and that if I did not get it under control I would have full-blown diabetes. Dr. Reynolds had me make some diet modifications and provided a regimen of diet, exercise, and supplements. Now, there's no pre or full-blown diabetes in sight!"

- Maria Tolbert Willie R.

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