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Why You’re Sick, Despite Following the 8 Laws of Health

During this Health Message Webinar You'll Learn...

Nutrient Requirements:

Learn your food's impact on heart health and how specific nutrients reduce plaque buildup in your arteries and lower your risk of heart disease.

Sleep Strategies:

Pinpoint and adjust factors impacting your sleep like caffeine, environment, and your nightly routine so you can foster deep, restful sleep.

Dietary Strategies:

Gain insights into creating a personalized diet plan that supports heart health, reduces inflammation, and promotes digestive comfort.

The Great Outdoors

Learn how fresh air, natural scenery, and forest bathing can strengthen your heart, reduce stress, and improve overall cardiovascular function.

The Role of Probiotics and Prebiotics:

Explore heart-boosting exercises and how to integrate them into your lifestyle to drastically improve blood circulation so you can move like you're ten years younger.

What Others Say About Our Web Classes

After following the guidelines from the 8 Laws webinar, my chronic joint pain is much better. I thought I was eating a healthy diet but it wasn't best for me! The detailed info Dr. Reynolds presents is a game-changer!
Rebecca L.
The stress management techniques I learned from Dr. Reynolds have cut my daily anxiety waaay down. Her tips on integrating temperance and trust have brought a newfound peace to my hectic life!
Shirley C.
I've never felt so empowered to take control of my health. The 8 Laws of Health webinar was a wake-up call to how I was unknowingly sabotaging my well-being.
Shannon B.

About Your Guide

Today I’m Dr. Kennisha Reynolds but before I became a Naturopathic Functional Medicine Physician, I spent a decade as a CSI forensic scientist. 

During that time, I delved deep into field investigations, human identification, and even developed forensic technologies for government entities.

Now, why am I sharing this with you?

My journey through molecular biology and genetics has given me insights not just into forensic sciences, but also into the delicate balance of microorganisms in our gut. By observing their genetic patterns, I’ve learned how they shape our overall health. 

The gut microbiome is a sophisticated ecosystem, and my work as a Molecular Biologist helps me navigate its complexities. Delving into this knowledge, I’ve encountered the underlying reasons for common concerns like bloating, gas, and IBS as well as severe issues like diverticulitis, SIBO, and EPI. 

I connect my experience in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and DNA Forensics, with my current work as a Naturopathic, Functional Medicine Doctor to help patients like you understand these intricate connections so you can improve your quality of life and increase longevity.

DISCLAIMER: The results and experiences shared on this page are from individuals who have used strategies from the, “Why You’re Sick, Despite Following the 8 Laws of Health” Webinar. These results are specific to each individual and may not be typical for everyone. We do not guarantee that you will experience similar results. This presentation is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary or health program. Use these strategies at your own risk. Understand that it requires commitment and consistent action for effectiveness.

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