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Why Conventional Treatment Is Not Enough

"Why Conventional Breast Cancer Treatment Is Not Enough" Will Teach You...

Understanding Conventional Treatment:

Discover the strengths and limitations of traditional breast cancer therapies.

10 Causes Conventional Treatment Ignores:

Explore the underlying factors contributing to breast cancer that are often overlooked.

Natural Medicine Care:

Learn about a comprehensive solution to enhance your breast health and prevent recurrence.

What Others Say About Our Web Classes

My breast cancer returned twice and I had no idea why until Dr. Reynolds explanation. She is truly life-changing!
—Valentina W.
Very informative. My anxiety about recurrence is much lower and I feel empowered to improve my overall breast health.
Dr. Reynolds' knowledge has completely transformed my understanding of breast cancer and breast cancer treatment. Her insights are revealing.

About Your Guide

Today I’m Dr. Kennisha Reynolds but before I became a Naturopathic Functional Medicine Physician, I spent a decade as a CSI forensic scientist. 

During that time, I delved deep into field investigations, human identification, and even developed forensic technologies for government entities.

Now, why am I sharing this with you?

My journey through molecular biology and genetics has provided me with profound insights not only into forensic sciences but also into the intricate mechanisms of cancer development and recurrence. By examining genetic patterns and molecular pathways, I’ve uncovered how these factors influence cancer progression and overall health.

The human body is a complex ecosystem, and my work as a Molecular Biologist allows me to navigate its intricacies. Through this expertise, I’ve identified underlying causes of cancer, including hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation, and immune system dysfunction.

I integrate my background in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and DNA Forensics with my current practice as a Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Doctor. This unique combination enables me to help patients like you understand the complex connections that contribute to cancer, offering comprehensive strategies to improve your quality of life, reduce recurrence, and enhance longevity.

DISCLAIMER: The results and experiences shared on this page are from individuals who have worked with Dr. Reynolds or used strategies from Why Conventional Breast Cancer Treatment Is Not Enough. These results are specific to each individual and may not be typical for everyone. We do not guarantee that you will experience similar results. This presentation is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary or health program. Understand that healing requires commitment and consistent action.

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