Conditions We Address

Identifying the Causes of these Modern Health Conditions

Autoimmune Disorders & Inflammatory Conditions

At PureWholness Virtual Medicine, Dr. Kennisha Reynolds specializes in identifying and managing the triggers of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions, empowering patients to achieve relief with minimal reliance on medication.

Gut Problems

At PureWholness Virtual Medicine, we focus on comprehensive solutions for digestive issues, with 93% of our patients experiencing symptom relief within the first 12 weeks under Dr. Kennisha Reynolds' care.

Mysterious & Undiagnosed Conditions

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds excels in uncovering the root causes of undiagnosed symptoms, significantly reducing the need for unnecessary specialist consultations.

Cardiometabolic Conditions

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds assists patients in managing current symptoms and proactively preventing future conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Hormonal Balance Concerns

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance often go unexplored. Dr. Kennisha Reynolds focuses on restoring balance and providing long-term relief from hormonal health issues.

Various Cancers

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds uses modern natural therapies, like high-dose oxygen treatments and medical-grade supplementation, to mitigate conventional therapy side effects, boost bodily resilience, and enhance conventional treatment efficacy.

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