How We Facilitate Healing


We delve into your entire, complex health picture.

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds works closely with you to thoroughly understand your health picture, focusing on your symptoms and their root causes.


Advanced testing for precision care.

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds uses functional labs alongside a thorough patient history, and evaluate system imbalances. The labs are a vital piece to a thorough health assessment, providing a comprehensive insight into your health status.


Guided support for essential transformations.

You are well supported while learning, implementing, and executing Dr. Reynolds’ recommendations, to facilitate necessary lifestyle adjustments. This includes dietary modifications to pinpoint food sensitivities and deficiencies, alongside stress management strategies to mitigate flare-ups and maintain balance.

Dr. Kennisha Reynolds creates bespoke plans for her patients that include personalized meal plans, lifestyle medicine, medical-grade nutritional supplementation, and advanced functional medicine labs.

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